How to Proceed When Someone Else is Working on your Startup Idea?

Imagine that you are planning to start a new Startup. You have a fantastic startup idea to build. And you need to ensure your approach is unique and doesn’t exist. You start working on the concept. You are enthusiastic, and you are on to something.  One day your friend finds that your idea is the same concept of another Startup. At the same time, your product is preparing to launch. You realized that you had wasted weeks and months in developing a startup idea already exists. Now you are confused and devastated!  Sometimes it happens because of our lack of […] Read More

So, what do you do?

If you are here, we probably met somewhere and you might have some idea about what I do. But If you are not familiar with my business,  here is a quick summary. Let me know if you see opportunities to work together. I am the founder and CEO of Armia Systems, Inc. We are a Chicago, IL-based technology development company. We have an offshore development center in Kochi, India. At present, there are around 200 programmers and engineers working in our captive development center. They develop interesting new web and mobile products for startups and enterprise clients. Our primary focus […] Read More

How to Find and Recruit Developers with Equity for Your Startup?

When you are starting out, equity might be the only currency you have to trade to others for the services that your organization needs to take off. Many cash-strapped startups cannot pay with cash in the pre-funding stage. Besides, when your partners own part of the company, everybody’s interests are aligned and the potential for success increases.   There are way too many tech startups looking for tech co-founders or developers to work for equity. So you can improve your odds of finding a programmer.   If you are looking for a rock star developer or technical cofounder for your […] Read More

What is the Role of a CTO in an Early Stage Startup?

I talked to countless early-stage startups looking to hire a Chief Technology Officer. Many entrepreneurs just don’t understand the role of CTO in an early-stage startup. In a growing company, the role of Chief Technical Officer is somewhat defined. But in the case of an early-stage startup, the role of a CTO is often evolving and ambiguous. In most startups, the role of the CTO is to do all of the technical tasks that nobody else is doing. It can be a long list and can cause friction in the early stages with CEO and other senior team members. That’s […] Read More

How Much Equity Should You Offer Your Startup’s Advisors

How Much Equity Do Startup Advisors Get? If you are creating a startup, you need to bring in a group of advisors in addition to your founders. These advisers should be able to introduce you to potential customers, partners, and investors. The question is, how do you compensate them? How much equity should you give to them? That depends on which stage your project has reached and how much value they are bringing to the table. Many of the considerations discussed here may need to be adjusted to match your situation. It depends on factors like the level of funding, […] Read More