I Have A Great Idea For A New App. What To Do Next?

If you have a good idea to build a new app, then you can develop anything! The best thing needed to develop an app is to have a unique idea. Once you have sorted it out, your next step is to do proper research on the topic. Before you build it you need to understand the need for it. Once you identify the need, see if your potential users will pay for it. If it is a free app, you are still asking users to pay attention, time, etc.  When you are identifying the users, be specific as possible. If […] Read More

How to Transition from Remote Developers to Own Development Team?

I am looking to create the MVP with a development agency. What should I do to move to our own development team after funding? During the past few years, there has been a considerable rise in the use of custom software applications. Developing a software product can involve multiple development teams. The software undergoes different stages throughout its development lifecycle. In most cases, non-tech companies work with development agencies to create MVP- the initial part of the product. Then, they engage an in-house team to scale up the product and launch it. But, in some cases, this transition can result […] Read More

Am I Qualified To Be a Startup Founder?

So many entrepreneurs fail to launch due to self-doubt. Please understand, it is normal and it happens to the best of us. You don’t want to be confused. It isn’t necessary to be an expert in everything.  YES, You are qualified!  A founder leading a startup is not as complex as a CEO leading an established company. founders learn a lot of new skills on the job. Most of the famous founder-ceo started without knowing what they know now. Analyze yourself and make clarity on what you are good at and not. It isn’t necessary to be a technical person […] Read More

How to Split Equity Among Startup Cofounders?

I am fortunate to work with many talented and energetic founders through Codeventures and iScripts. Most of them are well informed about the industry, product, and customers. But the basic starting up part seems challenging. One of the topics that keep coming is splitting the equity among the founders. Many companies with great potential die on the vine because the splitting of equity is not done properly. Many times they can’t move beyond their initial discussion about equity split. Even if a co-founder agrees to a particular split now, it doesn’t mean they would see it that way later. If you […] Read More

How to Find and Recruit Developers with Equity for Your Startup?

When you are starting out, equity for your startup might be the only currency you have to trade to others for the services that your organization needs to take off. Many cash-strapped startups cannot pay with cash in the pre-funding stage. Besides, when your partners own part of the company, everybody’s interests are aligned and the potential for success increases.  There are way too many tech startups looking for tech co-founders or finding a programmer for your startup and developers to work for equity. So you can improve your odds of finding a programmer.  If you are looking for a […] Read More