About Aji Abraham

Aji Abraham is the founder and CEO of Armia Systems, Inc. Both the businesses are operating under the umbrella of Armia Systems, Inc. Armia Systems is operating from our Deerfield, IL office and the captive development center in Infopark Kochi, South India.

Currently, we have around 50 developers and web designers with skills in PHP, Ruby, Python, Angular, Node.js, React, and mobile app development.

Another line of business SupportPRO, which was started in 2004. SupportPRO is a remote infrastructure provider for hosting companies, data centers, and enterprises. Our primary skill is in Linux server management, Public and private cloud and DevOps. We also have a wonderful team of around 70 cloud experts server administrators and systems engineers who work 24/7 for SupportPRO clients.

iScripts.com develops and markets business software products.  We have around 14-15 products. We sell all our products with source code and inexpensive so that customers can modify them as they see fit to create functional first versions.

He is the technical cofounder of a startup studio/ incubator called CodeVentures in Chicago. CodeVentures helps mid-career entrepreneurs to launch tech startups without leaving their day job while developing the product. We act us the technical cofounders for the startup and take care of entire product and technology part of the startup for an equity stake.

He helps small to medium businesses and early-stage startups with the technical implementation from architecture to coding, deployment, and maintenance

Founded/cofounded few tech startups over the last few years including RavoxSocial Defender, and PIO Social, LLC. PIO Social was acquired by a social media marketing company in Chicago.

Prior to going full time in the business, he was a software engineer and Product Manager with Motorola in Arlington Heights,  IL for 10 years.

More details are at LinkedIn

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