Are you an Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur?

Ever hear someone say “Hey! That was my idea”?

Anyone can have an idea, but how it’s executed is ultimately what matters. Wantaprenuers initially discuss ideas with a lot of zeal, but excitement and interest rapidly tapers off. In the end, nothing is produced and ideas are never executed. The saddest part of being a wantaprenuer is lack of follow through. So what defines a true entrepreneur?

“There is only one definition. An entrepreneur is someone who gets something new done.”
– Peter Drucker

Wantrepreneurs typically fail to create successful startups due to being overly-anxious about or having the inability to budget and gauge time. How can you become a true entrepreneur? First, determine what it is you really want to do. Then take the necessary steps toward your goals. Finally, take a step back to build off what you have learned. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If you act more like a true entrepreneur and attempt to get something new developed, you may gain more personal character than you ever thought possible.
Entrepreneurs constantly test and validate plans. The key is to start small, test, tweak and pivot if you are not successful. Once your idea is taking off, scale it and grow.

So what is the easiest way to accomplish your first step on your new path? For one, you could find a reasonably priced website solution with a built-in business model. For example, if you are thinking of developing a site like Etsy, there would be a lot of time and money to be spent on this idea before the site is even launched. Points to consider would be site design, payment gateways, website features, sellers, generating revenue, pricing plans, user profiles – the list goes on and on. This could take months to test, sort and thousands of dollars to create from scratch. If you were to start your site using a premade model, it would cut back on a lot of guesswork and initial investment. Instead of devoting all of this time, effort and financial cost to development of a site before it is even launched, wouldn’t it make more sense to apply it to marketing and be sure your concept will fly in the real world? Depending on how the public views your site and your idea, you may have to change or tweak certain aspects of the site anyway. If this is the case, you could very well find your hands tied when you need your resources the most. This is a typical pitfall for first-time entrepreneurs.

Another sign of a good entrepreneur is the ability to spot your mistakes, correct quickly and not repeat them. Although a scenario like this could be seen as a good learning experience, you can save yourself that lesson and preserve your financial cushion by getting off on the right foot. Utilize solutions that are already available to you and hold off on perfecting your site until you have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t for your business.

At iScripts our team offer ready made software scripts with built-in business models so entrepreneurs can get started in days instead of months while saving thousands in an effort to preserve your energy and resources for the future when you will need it most. What would we use for our hypothetical Etsy site? iScripts MultiCart was created with built-in features for entrepreneurs looking to build an ecommerce website with multiple sellers. Tailor the site with your logo, content, images, design and add your unique spin for your niche. You are ready to start. There are number of companies like iScripts allow you to go to market in days instead of months. If you are creating an ecommerce model try volusion or shopify instead hiring developers to create the software. For your crm try salesforce or sugar crm.

What makes this option even more appealing is its flexibility and scalability. When your idea is accomplishing realistic expectations, you will still have the ability and resources to perfect your online business as needed. Your site will be able to automatically handle an unlimited amount of users, sellers and products without any future trouble. You can also make changes and tweak your site at any point because the script is entirely open source.

So what are you waiting for? Do something with your ideas and stop being a wantrepreneur!

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