Looking for Strategic Partners

If you are here, we probably met somewhere and you might have some idea about what I do. But If you are not familiar with my business,  here is a quick summary. Let me know if you see opportunities to work together. I’m looking for strategic partners.

I am the founder and CEO of Armia Systems, Inc. We are a Chicago, IL-based technology development company. We have an offshore development center in Kochi, India. At present, there are around 200 programmers and engineers working in our captive development center. They develop interesting new web and mobile products for startups and enterprise clients.

Primary Focused Areas

Armia Systems – Web and mobile app development agency. We focus on building new web sites and mobile applications for mid-size companies and startups. We work with multiple industries. Here is a list of sample projects from the past.

Primary Tech Stack – PHP, Node.js, Angular, React Native, Swift, and Android.

SupportPRO – Offers 24/7 remote infrastructure management and tech support for web hosting, data centers, internet companies, and software providers. We offer DevOps service to development companies and mid-size companies. Most of our engineers are Redhat, AWS, Cpanel and Microsoft certified.

Primary Technology Capability – Redhat, AWS, Azure, google cloud, Linux server management, cPanel support.

iScripts – Offers a number of off the shelf software platforms that help companies and startups to create an online business in a few days. All of these platforms can be modified to meet specific requirements. We have clones of many successful startups.

development agency partner

Example Products

  • On-demand marketplace platform for creating Uber for X
  • Multi seller market place like Etsy/amazon marketplace
  • Grubhub like a food delivery platform
  • Customink like custom T-shirt design and print site
  • Barter exchange network
  • social networking websites
  • Online store builder platform like Shopify
  • GroupDeals platform
  • Peer to Peer lending platform

Most of these platforms have both web and mobile parts and complete private label and branded with customer info.

Please find a complete list of the solutions and use cases.

CodeVentures – This is a startup studio geared towards non-technical entrepreneurs building tech startups. I personally join the team as a tech founder and offer reduced rates in development for small equity.  My team and I will take care of architecture, development, infra, and deployment.

LocoLogic –  Last-mile delivery platform for optimizing delivery. It is used by trucking companies, grocery/retail stores, eCommerce companies, and restaurants for managing dispatch and delivery. Delivery startups can use a private-labeled version of this platform. This platform, with the driver tracking app, gives customers real-time delivery updates like Amazon

Others. I am not looking for client referrals per se. But would love to chat if you have any ideas for us to work together with these ventures.

KickApps – Customizable off the shelf mobile apps

Ravox – social/mobile store builder for retail stores.

SocialDefender –  Social media monitoring and moderation platform

Eatyn – Peer-to-Peer marketplace for home-cooked meals.

If you want to talk about any of these, please message me on Linkedin

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