PIO Social – Pass It On Social Engagement Platform

How can small and medium-sized businesses to create a direct channel to their best customers, effectively build loyalty and customer advocacy?

Our solution was called PIO Social. PIO Social empowers existing customers of a business to bring in new customers through repeatable and measurable word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

THE IDEA: Through a PIO (Pass It On) Social campaign, brands have the ability to build and maintain a one-on-one relationship with a growing number of users, their friends, and extended social network. The platform improves the reach of a brand using a product or service as a currency. In social channels, brands want to connect with not just their fans, but friends of their fans. PIO Social was an elegant way to do so.

The PIO Social platform enables businesses to establish personal connections with customers. The application establishes a one-on-one connection between businesses (or brands) and loyal customers. Through the PIO Social platform, special promotions, offers, and deals can be easily formatted and passed. The merchant control panel brands to identify and reward their most loyal users. Brands view demographics, usage and geographical info of the users, their sharing, effective and all. There are points sharing the messages and leaderboard for gamification.

The result of an effective campaign is launching new products, marketing initiatives and gathering critical data on how your customers perceive your products and brands.

After developing and launching PIO Social, it was featured as a promising startup at the Chicago Tech Cocktail.


PIO Social is being acquired by a Chicago, IL social media agency, Brick Fish.  Our team and I will be joining the engineering team in Chicago.

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