School Supplies Distribution Network –

In this economy, schools are trying their best to raise money for different things. They rely on a number of old practices for fundraising. School Supply Net is a new platform allowing schools to create their own branded eCommerce stores fully stocked with school supplies. Parents and community members can purchase items from the school’s store.

Items will be sent directly to the buyers or available for pickup at the school. Schools are getting the items which include textbooks, other books, supplies, craft items, lab equipments, uniforms, band items, music instruments, items for extra curricular activities, sports equipment and other school supplies. School supply stores can be privately branded and will be like or as an example. can be whatever the schools want to.

This project was completed sometime back. This is is first of its kind and planning to roll out a few different ones in different industries and verticals. This model is proven with a couple of other industries already. We tested this for furniture, apparel, and automobile accessories for with great success. Hoping to replicate it in the school supplies business. There are few supply chain challenges to be addressed in the school supplies business.

Schools can sign up for free and create their own storefront. They promote the store online and offline. In the future, we may be able to charge schools to crate their storefront. When an item is purchased Schoolsupplynet will charge a small processing fee for the platform. This is the main revenue for On the other side, we need to add a few more manufacturers and distributors who can drop-ship items directly to clients.

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