– Distributed Social Commerce Platform

As opportunity in social commerce continues to rise, retailers and vendors are now looking for more. A way to allow representatives, marketers, and/or social networkers to sell products through social networks. In light of this, we created a free app that would enable users to create stores and sell products on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or any other social page.

With just a few clicks, representatives, marketers, and/or social networkers associated with any company can create shopping carts on the SocialCart platform in order to promote directly to friends and family within the welcoming confines of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or any other social media site. Users can comfortably purchase without redirected, leaving the site, or clicking unnecessarily.

Our distributed social eCommerce platform, SocialCart, is 100% free for vendors and networkers. The platform charges a percentage of sales and pays out a percentage to networkers on a pay-per-sale basis. Social networkers receive a commission from purchased products through their storefront or a storefront they have referred.

The networker side of the application is integrated with a Facebook app, Twitter app, and other social media channels. It is used to spread viral promotions. When developing the back end, we make sure vendors would have a feature-rich dashboard for managing inventory, networkers, resellers, staff, and orders. This app was developed using a modified Armia MVC framework on a distributed server cluster. A large number of user transactions and data from tens of thousands of users (and millions of shares) were managed using Hadoop implementation and dedicated analytics servers.

We are launching it as a beta by the first week of May with few local merchants. We shared the platform with Demo and has an invitation to Spring Demo for Alpha Pitch. Not finalized we are participating as there certain expenses associated and we are self-funded now. Anyway, it is an honor to be selected/invited to the Demo.

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