SocialDefender – Social Reputation Management Platform

Social media can be hard to control. From small and medium-sized businesses lacking additional manpower, to large companies requiring a method for scheduling numerous team members, we decided to create a tool that will add additional value to social media efforts.

Social Defender provides real-time social media monitoring, insights and gives the ability to accurately moderate social media efforts and understand customer sentiment.

By using the tool, businesses can manage multiple social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, blogs and forums using just one login. This social media management tool gives businesses the ability to analyze what is being said online about a brand, service, industry, and competitors. Analytics provided by Social Defender may be incorporated with future goals or business plans.

Social Defender has a Facebook page app, Twitter app, LinkedIn app, G+ app and more. Users receive real-time info for each channel. Each of these messages were fed to an NLP algorithm for sentiment analysis. We used a proprietary Bayesian algorithm for the sentiment analysis is developed by the team at Armia. This algorithm takes feedback from manual changes to the sentiment making self learning of the accuracy and effectiveness. Right now we achieved an accuracy level of 90% and fine tuning to make it better.

The brand manager can decide if they want the platform to auto moderate based on time, sentiment, brand etc.. Or if they want to be notified. It has a decent workflow manager to drive notifications to different users in the team. Also same workflow manager can schedule publishing of different contents to different platforms.

The user and admin area analytics were created using Flash. Know any businesses that need help with social media? Do them a favor and tell them about Social Defender (a free plan is also currently available).

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