How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Programmer for Your Startup?

Recently, Inc magazine published an article predicting the best industry opportunities for entrepreneurs in the coming year.   The recommended suggestions are as follows:   Biometric Scanning Software Fraud Detection Software Corporate Wellness Sustainable Building Materials Drone Manufacturing Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Food Analytics and Tech.   This means that out of the 9 industries believed to be the perfect place for entrepreneurs to invest in for the near future. 6 of them were directly tied to software development.   It seems that the author was onto something. After all, the tech industry certainly isn’t going away anytime soon. According […] Read More

A New Kind of Venture Capital

Last few weeks I was working on a project. It is a seed funding company for Chicago startups. I am trying to bring a few Chicago Entrepreneurs together to launch this seed funding company for startup companies in the state. I was meeting a few folks about this for the last few weeks. So far the reception is pretty good from both investors/partners and potential startups. The idea behind is simple and straightforward. Very early stage startups apply to be part of the process. Few are selected as a batch. Selected startups with great ideas and talent will receive a […] Read More

Online Logo Generator –

Finished a new web application called It is a free online logo generator. Users can create logos for their websites or for printing materials. We have added quite a few templates, icons and fonts for you to start. We are in the process of adding many more icons and images for different industries. This application is developed with Angular, PHP anMySQLQL database. Users can create many versions of the same logo to which ones work. If you like it, then you can download and use it for the website. This is a test site to test the creation engine. […] Read More

SiteEquity Lease a Web Business Project

We develop ready to run website businesses. So, SiteEquity – Lease a Web Business is created with our software. In some cases, the site is created completely custom built from scratch.  It is easy to create them. But not easy to operate them as we have quite a few websites to manage. Our expertise is creating web businesses. Not in running them. I created a project called this week. This is to lease a web business to others to operate in exchange for sweat equity. Let’s see how this experiment works.  Here is the detailed explanation of siteequity business model

How Do You Know If Your Startup Idea is Worth Pursuing?

Startups can be financially and personally rewarding. They are also a lot of work and may not pay off in the end. Most entrepreneurs, get so many good ideas regularly. So how do you know if a startup idea is worth pursuing? Here we will give a sort of checklist that you can run through. If your idea checks out in these areas, it might well be worth the work to pursue. If it doesn’t check out, it may just need some tweaking, or it may not be worth the effort. Your Startup Should Address A Pain Point Your startup […] Read More