SocialDefender – Social Reputation Management Platform

Social media can be hard to control. From small and medium-sized businesses lacking additional manpower, to large companies requiring a method for scheduling numerous team members, we decided to create a tool that will add additional value to social media efforts. Social Defender provides real-time social media monitoring, insights and gives the ability to accurately moderate social media efforts and understand customer sentiment. By using the tool, businesses can manage multiple social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, blogs and forums using just one login. This social media management tool gives businesses the ability to analyze what is […] Read More Facebook Commerce Business Platform

Over the past few years, social media has gained quite a bit of attention. From social networks, to job searching and sharing products, social channels and their uses have been steadily increasing. What about Facebook as a shopping medium? Marketing products on a platform full of existing users is the next phase for businesses. To take advantage of this new space, we have developed a solution called Ravox is a distributed social ecommerce platform allowing sellers, business owners and vendors to create standalone ecommerce stores or link existing online stores to Facebook. In the past we created another social […] Read More

How NOT to Find a Technical Cofounder

Originally published byBuiltinChicago I have been a techie for most of my life and cofounded multiple startups with varying levels of success. I had conversations with a number of teams and individuals over the last year, for partnering to create something great. After meeting with quite a few early stage startups and cofounders, I thought it would be helpful if I were to document some helpful points I’d like to make regarding the experiences and discussions during this process. (These are generic topics that do not reflect on any specific individual or company I have spoken to.) 1. You do […] Read More

Are you an Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur?

Ever hear someone say “Hey! That was my idea”? Anyone can have an idea, but how it’s executed is ultimately what matters. Wantaprenuers initially discuss ideas with a lot of zeal, but excitement and interest rapidly tapers off. In the end, nothing is produced and ideas are never executed. The saddest part of being a wantaprenuer is lack of follow through. So what defines a true entrepreneur? “There is only one definition. An entrepreneur is someone who gets something new done.” – Peter Drucker Wantrepreneurs typically fail to create successful startups due to being overly-anxious about or having the inability […] Read More

PIO Social – Pass It On Social engagement platform

How can small and medium-sized businesses to create a direct channel to their best customers, effectively build loyalty and customer advocacy? Our solution was called PIO Social. PIO Social empowers existing customers of a business to bring in new customers through repeatable and measurable word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. THE IDEA: Through a PIO (Pass It On) Social campaign, brands have the ability to build and maintain a one-on-one relationship with a growing number of users, their friends, and extended social network. The platform improves the reach of a brand using a product or service as a currency. In social channels, brands […] Read More